Senin, 16 Maret 2009

you satisfied me weak

The success of business and bed was closely related. According to research, women who experience satisfaction in life seksnya tend to be more successful career.

According to data available in the UK from a research, about 50 percent of women failed to achieve that satisfaction or orgasme. Dr Lisa Turner, the researchers reveal that when the women failed to reach the orgasme usually become lost their love for themselves.

They love when they were not, then other issues arise. The performance of their distant and declining influence on their performance in office. Parahnya the women also can damage them.

Still according to Lisa, it's because of the psychological frustration woman. Ironically sometimes the women themselves do not consider orgasme or sexual satisfaction is very important.

Lisa added that when ngentothot quotation from Female First Wednesday (4/3/2009) revealed that, when the inner woman orgasme satisfied because the dirasakannya, then will arise a new strength and energy. So that the spirit to achieve success in any career will be achieved

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I hope dream come true

Semoga tiba datang dengan waktunya Ternyata doa yang selama ini kupanjatkan kepada Allah SWT ndak sia sia dengan datangnya kwitansi kecil it...