Senin, 16 Maret 2009

flavour Men Make rotten Eggs zippy

flavour rotten egg smell usually will disrupt. But who thought that the smell of rotten eggs from the puncture, the exuberant men make.

A unique facts found by researchers Italian origin. They find the effect of the rotten egg aroma passionate sex men. They examine eight men.

Eight men left before suck rotten egg aroma. And the unique aroma after the inhale, the male-male that is experiencing ereksi.

In fact detikhot as quoted from The Sun, Thursday (5/3/2009) remove the rotten egg gas hydrogen sulfid. Gas that is affecting birahi a man.

Not only the rotten eggs, also found the gas earlier in the combustion gas vehicles. Sulfid can make hydrogen cells ditubuh men become rileks, and speed the flow of blood. The two things that make men before getting ereksi good.

But do not wrong, the way work is different from the gas before viagra. Viagra has an effect to restore the energy the man who
weak. Seks become so passionate recrudesce

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