Senin, 16 Maret 2009

Masturbasi healthful

Masturbasi for the health benefits of sex organs is still a kontoversi. However, for men aged 50 years and over, masturbasi can make them more healthy. Wow!

Findings revealed a surprising Polyxeni Dimitripolou while doing research in the UK. He explain the fact that for someone aged over 50 to know the impact masturbasi be very positive.

Detikhot Quoted from The Independent, Friday (13/3/2009), Polyxeni make a promise that usually, men's sexual activity was 50 years and over not seaktif men aged 20-30 years.

According to research, many poisons in the fluids and lubricants sperm in scortum (fruit penis) when men reach the age of half a century. Therefore, according to Polyxeni again, it's good to release it at a certain time. One way is to masturbasi.

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I hope dream come true

Semoga tiba datang dengan waktunya Ternyata doa yang selama ini kupanjatkan kepada Allah SWT ndak sia sia dengan datangnya kwitansi kecil it...