Senin, 16 Maret 2009

butt massage

Jakarta - Artists Saipul Jamil criticized concerning action squeeze buttocks Kiki Fatmala in the film 'Massage Press Top Down'. Ipul title of Hajj is considered inappropriate melakoni the scene. What he said?.

"I do not want yah disangkut pautkan work with private life. I am here not as actors Saipul Jamil," he said while relaxing with Kiki Fatmala found in cafes Platters, Setiabudi Building, Jl Rasuna Said, Jakarta Selatan, Senin (16 / 3 / 2009).

No fear of sin ipul Mas? "Massage posterior improvisation as a form of play because I want to total. I just work," he said on the defensive.

Ipul reject referred to as private hypocrite. What's he doing in the film purely because of the role demands.

According to the director of movie 'Top Massage press Down', KK. Dheeraj, the scenario is no obligation for ipul to squeeze buttocks Kiki. That there is ipul perform scenes rub shoulder, back and legs Kiki.

Turbulence that is the scene, they both had bersiteru. Kiki to harassment feel. Ipul claim to not guilty. But the film approaching thrown to the cinema, they choose the word peace on Saturday (14/3/2009) ago

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