Sabtu, 21 Maret 2009

Caution, Men Make recession Malas make

Recession that impacted directly on the activities make someone, especially men. The state of recession appeared to make men lose their passion to make.

The recession that occurred in almost all parts of the world to be an interesting topic for research. This time Dr. Richard Petty's men's health clinic in the UK examining the impact of recession on the men.

In fact most men experience stress during the recession chronicles. According to Richard detikhot a quotation from the Telegraph, Tuesday (17/2/2009) a severe stress on the male body to change the system, including the production of hormones testosteronnya.

Lack of production of the hormone testosteron and affect the physical and mental health men. Physically, men experience a problem with the circulation of the body, muscles and speed the process of old.

Meanwhile, the mental, emotional experience is usually men that are not stable. A bad mood and become huffy symptomatic of emotions going on, men are men.

In sexual life, male-male affected by the recession was to be lost gairahnya. A high level of stress and mental condition fiik and a decrease to make the men no longer enjoy life seksnya.

Thus, Richard suggested the men to lower their stress level. Can be done in various ways, such as exercise, eating healthy food and adequate rest. Recession can happen, but you do not want to give up love relationship is a valuable

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MERDEKA!!!! kawan masio sik ngenger nang nippon tapi jiwa kita MERDEKAAAAA

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nice post... salam kenla!!!


salam kenal sob....

I hope dream come true

Semoga tiba datang dengan waktunya Ternyata doa yang selama ini kupanjatkan kepada Allah SWT ndak sia sia dengan datangnya kwitansi kecil it...