Sabtu, 21 Maret 2009

How Men Become longed? This secret!

There are still many things about women that should be understood men. With understanding, you can become a male ideal of women. This is some hope that women will be paired! 

Favorite Female Characters 
Women like men who smart, a good, well-established and have a stable emotional. This is evidenced by a survey that was followed by 5000 women. Most of them claim to find the man with the characteristics of yesteryear. 

In addition, the survey also shows that more women like men who can menemaninya at any time, in the time required. So for the boys, begin to provide enough time for the woman you love. 

Speak Sakti The 'Thank You' 
Words such as simple thanks that is very valuable for women. Harmless to feel gratitude for busy women who work but are still able to manage at home and become a good mother. Words that will make them feel appreciated and loved. 

Contohlah Brad Pitt 
Not only the style or the face-looking Brad Pitt who adored women. However, understanding and patience the hard-hearted Angelina Jolie that makes it the more glorified. Harmless to imitate Brad Pitt attitude of tolerance and understanding it. 

Reduce Agresifitas 
While still teenagers, men with the temperament and hard fighting hobby usually become seizure. However, when adults go, the male model is no longer so longed for. An anthropologist, Jeffrey Snyder explained that when the pair find life, women would like men who make them quiet. 

Thus, women longed to be ready?

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