Sabtu, 21 Maret 2009

Face Chris John Juarez More

Chris John in despair because it's only playing with Rocky Juarez equilibrium seems to be able to pay complete. The Dragon will be announced through the two volumes fight against Juarez June.

On February 28 Chris John pay a visit to Houston, the United States to fight Juarez in seizing the world title fight WBA featherweight version. Through a tight race throughout the 12 round, the three judge panel gave the same sound, namely 114-114.

This means that this duel ends equilibrium, and therefore, as a champion Chris John is entitled to maintain defend its crown in the WBA featherweight.

Dikabarkan, the promoter who is also famous former boxer, Oscar de la Hoya, want to fight Chris John fight between Juarez is repeated. Oscar the Golden Boy Promotion supervise the plan will be the fight back to its Medio around June.

Even news that the second fight will be held in a more neutral, that is Los Angeles. Unlike Houston, where the city is home to Juarez came and of course many more people who support the Juarez fight at first.

So if the duel is the second volume will be done properly? We are just waiting its continuation

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