Jumat, 20 Maret 2009

PSSI shape Investigation Team

PSSI will form the investigation team to investigate the case of catastrophe PKT Bontang, Jumadi Abdi. Aspects of the breach in the field and the condition died before Jumadi materials that will be the investigation.

Jumadi died on Sunday (15/3/2009) morning in Bontang, East Kalimantan obtained after treatment for one weekend.

The position is full-attack treatment after impact with the players Persela Lamongan, Denny Tarkas second time the team faced on Saturday (7/3/2009). Of the intestine caused Jumadi tear.

"According to the head of the PSSI general, the investigation team will be formed to check if the case is purely an accident or a deliberate element," the description PSSI General Secretary Nugraha Besoes when contacted detiksport, Tuesday (17/3/2009) siang WIB.

"When there kesengajaan, the PSSI will impose legal team to the parties guilty. Suppose can not play for life," said Nugraha.

In addition, PSSI will also pass up the investigation of other aspects related health conditions Jumadi Abdi before the fight. This is done to find out the condition before the match Jumadi and explore other possibilities for the top of his death.

"We do not know why his gut could tear up. Because it can impact, because it can also for other health conditions such as Jumadi before playing. The investigation will be working as quickly as possible," pungkas Nugraha

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