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Sriwijaya FC defeated Shandong 0-5

Shandong - Sriwijaya FC must return home with empty hands on Matchday second Champions League group phase Asia. Rahmad Darmawan care team is defeated host Shandong Luneng five goals without reply.

Headquarters in Shandong, Selasa (17/3/2009) evening WIT, Li Jinyu and Miljan Mrdakovic each input nets two goals to Laskar Wong kito, while one other goal was by Han Peng.

In the match, Sriwijaya FC relative always are under the host. Laga new age of 15 minutes, hurdle "Laskar Wong kito" already dibobol Li Jinyu bait that utilizes cross from Aleksander Zivkovic.

Four minutes intermittent, Sriwijaya nets that be under guard Dede Sulaiman collapse again, this time through goals Han Peng. This goal was the failure of the players throw the ball wild Sriwijaya.

Entering to-25 minutes, Rahmad Darmawan must watch his team penetrated a third time. Third goal is born again through Li Jinyu through long-distance kicking.

Sriwijaya have had the opportunity in the 30 minutes. However, kicking Keith Kayamba still too weak and can ditangkal by goalkeeper Li Leilei.

In the minutes to-38, nearly increase the benefits of Shandong. Lucky Zivkovic still kicking ride. Two minutes intermittent, Sriwijaya be back after kicking Li Wei bow pole gate.

In the second phase, Sriwijaya are still under pressure despite the host had a chance to steal some. 12 minute second round run, kick hard Christian Worobay still thin on the left goalpost opponent.

Entering to-74 minutes, Keith Kayamba Gumbs live face-to-face with the goalkeeper Shandong. However, Keith Kayamba business still has not been successful due to be defeated opponent goalkeeper.

Pressure of the host fruit in the minutes to-79. Even cross the bait Wang Yongpo removed from the left side of the defense Sriwijaya, Miljan Mrdakovic successfully used to change the score became 4-0.

Four minutes intermittent, host quoting fifth goal with the process that is almost the same as the fourth goal. This time, Li Wei who escaped from the bait traps Offside mengirm cross to the penalty, and again successfully conquered Mrdakovic Dede Sulaiman.

5-0 score stand up to fight close. This was the second defeat of the two already fight that respond charis Yulianto cs. In the previous fight, feudatory Sriwijaya FC 2-4 Seoul's


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