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Limiting internet usage in children and adolescents is well-founded. A research shows that the internet can make teenagers more aggressive.

Medical researchers from the University of Taiwan to find indications on the internet addicted teenagers Taiwan 9400. To do so, they tried to examine the effects of the addicted.

From the results of the research cited detikhot from Reuters Health, Tuesday (24/2/2009), teenagers who spend the day-to-day activities and replace them with internet play has a tendency to become more aggressive, moody, more sensitive and have high self - .

Unique according to Dr.. Chih-Hung Ko the researchers, not all activity on the internet can cause agresifitas. Teenagers who use the Internet to browse and create a task usually do not have any changing.

However, when young people are using the Internet to play games or watching video porno aggressive then the effect will appear. Furthermore Dr. Chih-Hung Ko also said that events can provoke emotions before and encourage young people to remove it.

So for parents, there is a good idea to consider your child's activities, especially when using the internet.


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