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Want to make Hot? The Self-sleeping!

Feeling tired disrupt activity that could make. Due to fatigue, many people choose to sleep rather than make the bed partner.

As many as 8500 people in the UK in the survey. Surveys that discuss the night British society. In fact most of them choose to sleep rather than make a pair.

Some 79 percent of survey participants claim to prefer to sleep rather than make. After further examined, 7 out of 10 survey participants claim to experience sleep disturbances difficult. And only 12 percent of the 8,500 people who have sleep time exceed 8 hours.

Dr. Chris Idzikowski from the Edinburgh Sleep Center cited detikhot's Telegraph, on Monday (2/3/2009) revealed that insomnia, or sleep disturbances suffered by the participants before the survey can lead to health risks.

High blood pressure, heart trouble and stroke are some diseases that can be someone who suffered insomnia. Participants in the survey also confess that the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness that can create extraordinary their sex organs do not function properly.

So set the time you sleep good


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