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Beware, 'Old' Start From Age 27

You may still feel young in the 30s. But you know so that old age begins at 27 years.

The facts disclosed by the researchers from the University of Virginia, the United States. They research the 2000 women and men. They were all aged from 18 to 60 years.

All respondents tested on their recall of words, visual puzzles, memories, symbols and patterns. The test is usually done for people with mental disturbances including demensia (senility).

In the test results quoted from the Telegraph, Wednesday (18/3/2009), which has the best performance is the age of 22 years. While the decline in the ability of many age 27 years.

The results of the tests and will continue to decline when a person reaches the age of 37, 42, and 60 years. The situation certainly can be changed with the way the brain's ability to train teru with mengasahnya. Continue to learn the game or sharpen the brain.

So, let your brain be trained now!


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