Rabu, 18 Maret 2009

The song lyrics can be influential Sexual Behavior

Sexual behavior was not only a person affected by the hormone alone. Song lyrics that can also affect the behavior of sex a person, especially teenagers.

Now a lot of songs that have lyrics, lyrics seronok. For example, contains about things related to sex. Songs like the idea that affect young people about sex.

Dr Brian A Primack of the University of Pittsburgh Medical faculty, the United States as many as 711 young people examine the average age of 14 years. They give all the questions about their hobby of listening to the songs berlirik porno, and contain elements of sex.

Average they all listen to more than 14 minutes songs that contain elements of sex. And the result, one of three teenagers have confessed to have sexual relations with his beloved.

Teenagers who claim to have initiated sexual relationships and even claim to have done so more than twice. So it's good to know what type of music is heard by our children or brother. So that did not give a bad influence in their lives.

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