Senin, 16 Maret 2009

Buy `Innova` getting Easy

maniac is Deer always at spoon-fed. `Auto2000` as official `dealer` `Toyota`'s car at Indonesian gives amenity to have `Innova` with all its excess.

`Multi purpose vehicle` (MPV) as Indonesian family pledge in one last decade. Since its lodgings dominates Van car with shaped box and chanted, ”berhidung”'s family vehicle gets to dominate the ways. `Toyota` is Deer that finally evolves to become `Innova`, successful as champion. Backing up `Innova`'s fruitfulness and bright Deer phenomenon, `Auto2000` gives amenity to have ”sejuta's car umat” that.

As official `dealer` `Toyota`,`Auto2000` perceives mandatory water down someone dream realization to have `Innova`. With Styled Minimal Installment program Maximal, Deer enthusiast just needs to issue Dana minimaling to bring home `Innova`'s Deer the newest one. `Innova`'s special 2009 gasolines manual types, customer enoughing to pay in installment `Rp3.952.000` per moon with DP 20% of OTR'S prices 207.500.000 (3 tahun masa angsuran)

While for variant on it (G) refuel with manual transmission, customer enoughing to fumble purse for DP 20% and installments per moon just `Rp4.313.000` up to 3 installment years.

Besides demulcent installment, buy until April 2009 also gets freely `komprehensif`'s insurances 1 year or demulcent flower on programs `Innovaganza Toyota`. Program Styled Minimal Installment Maximal its unmitigated utilize `leasing baloon paymentbersubsidi`'s system.

`digagas` in company with `Toyota Astra` Motor, ACC, TAFS,and Oto Guard,this program feels easy and getting demulcent for customer.

`Diky Zulkarnaen`, `Sales Department Head Auto2000` names, program Styled Minimal Installment Maximal being made that society easying to meet the need it That `Toyota` will with installment suitably with competence financial.

”We please society get to take the occasion it all the best. Evenless program `Innovaganza` will end this April,” `Diky`'s speech.

`Auto2000` as `main dealer Toyota` at Indonesian, really a lot of do service innovation to customer. To get all service `Auto2000` is so easy. Adequately clicks `` or through telephone goes to `call center Auto2000`, 500 898 (fixed line) 89. 898 (handphone) or `Auto2000`'s contact is hovered.

Achievements Straight equal `Innova`

`Auto2000`'s brilliant program accompanied by `ketangguhan Innova`,`Toyota` is newest generation Deer that altogether prove `menepis` that society assumption `Toyota` Deer a lot of drink.

That good news comes from one dismember `Innova Community`'s member experience (IC) In one internal club event, membered IC `mengklaim Innova` so economical, pierce number 15,49 km / liters. That time,IC exhibits to hand down `Family Fun Touring` (FFT) 2009 on 21 22 ago February. As much 37 IC'S members goes along with to arrange `lomba` economical BBM. `Lomba` is divided as two categories, I. VVT (bensin) and D4D (diesel)

Really, if is denied, that number is gotten since participant is following economical `lomba` `BBM.Tapi` at least, if is utilized in condition knockabout road, its taste is numeral 15,49 not shifting too far.

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