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facebook's fever

Suwarna's kindness

facebook's fever knocking over. Person as hipped as information share, taste, caprice, laugh, ambition, expression, and pass dream nets social at world virtual it. That at real world one day one day they not mutually accost, that other problem. Beginilah makes the point most present generation modern pet social and kinship relationship it.

Behold sites what do be opened by friend or Your kinsfolk? May become, facebook's answer (fb). Yes, social network sites at this Internet, now, be tremendously popular. Schooled child, college student, employee, artist, official, entrepreneur, until housewife particularly at metropolis utilizes facebook.

Not only utilizes, some people even was deep fb's hipped phase. One of it is Priscilla f Carlita, swasta's employee. Since sleeping build, this lovely girl is direct opens fb. While gets in at office, she opens be fbnya until time goes home arriving office. While works, as her once perforate send away for and over incoming new comment fb.

Upon arrival on the house, Priscilla returns to open that sites merely to peek activity one part of 1.600 more comate at that sites. "Its taste, there is that subtracted if enggak opens fb. I can lose information about friend, " say Priscilla, one that conjoined with that sites since six last month.


What affinity real fb? Linda Fitriesti, PR Trans7, say, at she 's that sites can see photograph, expression, and knows its friend activities. "Usually, I will give gokil's comments. If they reply, I pleasantly banget. Its taste, I eksis," its says, Wednesday, while razzing.

At this sites You really can see and seen by person, know and known by person, comment and commented by person without available one prohibits. narsistik's ambition one any one even quite a that terlampiaskan can. Behold photographs as what do be assembled fb's users. If doesn't take photograph family and long time friends, they most certainly interpolate nampang's photograph beyond seas or on special momen momen.

In consequence, momen as Axis International's Jakarta Jazz's Java Festival 2009, one that scattered star abroad and its ticket price extraordinary for many person, as peer necessary for a portion fb's user. While is Matt Bianco perform at thisna week then, a female stops the show to photograph her utilizes Blackberry with group action background jazz caliber universalizes that.

After is finished, while it also she is direct mentransfer takes photograph that goes to fbnya's wall. To its beside friend she says, "I am comment love, 'I nonton Matt Bianco, bo!'"

Behold too order those are written at fb's wall. Absolutely everything temeh's disdain problem. Daughter (26), housewife at Ciputat, e.g., writing order that its content merely imparts that she be deg degan waits if its doughnut dough that mengembang will or bantat. At Acheh, Mahdi imparts, her be menghangatkan mother remittance food it. At Bekasi, Herry imparts drinking coffee.

Send away for Herry that was commented a friend: "Shucks, in the morning udah ngopi. apaan's coffee?" "Want aja lu's tofu," reply Herry.

But, there are many too serious and smelly state propaganda. Haris Rusli, an activist, write, "Gulingkan SBY...." And a remark friend, "After gulingkan SBY, then gulingkan I dong...."

Haris belingsatan. "Whew, I not know tuh girl, can danger," say Haris that haven't so long gets married it. It is hurry even erase that girl name of registers its friend.

New communication

So. As disparaging as temeh whatever that spoken by person at fb, this sites is evident successful as new communication media that feels equal to knit social relationship. Process was formed by it social and comradeship net at fb happens quick. At fb, person not only looks for, but also been looked for.

It was felt By Esther (44). Three last month, this swasta's employee haven't known friend address the duration. After foses at fb, suddenly just friend SMA, SMP, SD, even TKnya Bermunculan.

"I am incredulous almost. Now I know they again ngapain aja," allegedly. Esther and separate SMA friend since 25 last year that even exhibit reunion at week Jakarta then. Saturday yesterday her go and SMPnya's friends exhibits reunion.

"I be ngumpulin SD's friends to reunian. If needs, TK's friend also, ha ha ha," its says, boon.

Umar Ibnu (39), Ende's citizen lecturer, Nusa is East South-east, its beginning is averse foses by fb. Internet connection at its frequent region riots and there's only five Internet booth at its city. But, at the instance friend, it even registers. "Asyik also, apparently there are many that I scavenge. Now, I impatienting to open fb at office. Are understand of, not available Internet on the house," allegedly.

Are not all story about fb rejoices. Behold Adhi's experience (33), a constructions corporate manager at Jakarta, finally decides to close fbnya because as quarrel jetty with girlfriends. "Initially agreeable, but long time become problem jetties. She is jealous if I accost my girl friends, I also not accept her to get on familiar term with its boy friends," say Adhi.

According to her, the most is sometimes problem jetty be writing at wall or comment to state. "Stoned frequent person that writing at wall or that comment can read everybody, so if she accosts its boy friend with fervent call, my friend is fond think not delicate," its speech.

Finally, it and its girlfriend is of the same mind for all same close fb. "Its benefit don't signifikan. Toh this before I can also live without fb," tukasnya.

So, fb only one medium, understand mainnya's order. And don't forget to make a abode accost person at real world. (Dahono Fitrianto / Susi Ivvaty)

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