Sabtu, 27 September 2008

Add logo to My Computer properties

1. Open Notepad. Copy and paste the text below:


Manufacturer=Self made Computer
[Support Information]
Line1=Intel Pentium 4 HT @ 2.8GHz
Line2=2GB RAM
Line3=Sapphire Radeon

2. (you can add more lines if you want to wink.gif)Save the file as OEMINFO.INI

3. The image for this must be 96x96 pixels. It must also be 256 color Windows bitmap (.BMP) image.

-> Create an image, and save it as said above. Save the image as OEMLOGO.INI

4. For Windows 98 / ME: Place the two files into %systemroot%\system folder.
For later systems (2000/XP/2003): Place the two files into %systemroot%\system32 folder.

* I am not sure if this works on Vista err.gif

Start -> Right click My computer, select Properties and the results should be there..

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I hope dream come true

Semoga tiba datang dengan waktunya Ternyata doa yang selama ini kupanjatkan kepada Allah SWT ndak sia sia dengan datangnya kwitansi kecil it...