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Rift rift has various I skip, but the finger of a desire to work for carnal desire that I want, which is in a virtual world. Cave life in the foreign country to pursue mouthful of rice up to my stomach that is hungry, until now I still get work as a factory that is not only explore feasible worldly lust

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Thank you have visited the website of me ... sorry it seems less well in all your heart, as I write this blog is only the life of the nation and achieve flood my heart, thank you so much Matur. "anything that it's blogging only use Blogspot"

Soup Krim Jagung


1/2 buah bawang bombay, cincang halus
2 siung bawang putih, cincang halus
3 sendok makan margarin
100 gram daging ayam, potong kotak
2 sendok makan tepung terigu
100 ml susu cair
700 ml kaldu ayam
1 sendok teh garam
1/4 sendok teh merica bubuk
1/8 sendok teh pala bubuk
200 gram jagung manis pipil, tumbuk kasar


1. Tumis bawang bombay, bawang putih hingga layu dengan margarin.

2. Masukkan daging ayam, aduk hingga berubah warna.

3. Tambahkan tepung terigu sambil diaduk sampai menggumpal.

4. Tuang kaldu sambil diaduk perlahan sampai jadi adonan licin. Masukkan jagung. Aduk rata.

4. Bumbui garam, merica, dan pala. Aduk-aduk.

5. Tuang susu. Setelah mendidih, angkat lalu hidangkan panas.

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