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Macosx 10.4.8 dual boot with Vista using Intel or AMD

Works on Intel/AMD/SSE2/SSE3
Read this before reading the guide:

There are only two ways to install OSX 10.4.8 legal on your Windows computer:
1. Become an Apple developer
2. You can also buy an Intel Mac (I would recommend the Mac Pro!), install Windows XP on it using Apple’s Boot Camp and remove OSX completely, so that you have a legally bought osx86 licence. This method isn’t confirmed and some people say it’s illegal because the EULA says that you aren’t allowed to install OSX on non-Apple hardware.
This means that for most people it is ILLEGAL to install osx on their computer. If you aren’t an Apple developer, leave page site now. This site is in no way liable or responsible for the actions of its visitors.

So what is this?
This is a guide about dual booting the newest OSX build next to your regular old Windows Vista OS. It’s using the Vista boootloader. The guide is written for SSE2 processors. If you’re running SSE3, search for a patched SSE3 install disk and skip the combo update part.

You need:
1. A prepatched OSX install image (10.4.7, 10.4.6, … or 10.4.3)
2. An empty DVD recordable (+R or –R, NO Rewritable!)
3. At least 6 GB free space.
4. A working Vista installation and the Vista installation dvd
5. “JaS SSE2 10.4.8 Combo Update with Semthex SSE2 Beta9 Kernel” for Intel or AMD (ask for it on, in the #kernel channel)
6. chain0 (type this in on, it’s on the first page)
7. I warmly recommend the Google Pack if you want to

The guide:

1. Get an prepatched OSX install image.

2. Burn the image to an empty dvd recordable (+R or –R)
Use your favorite burn program for this (I recommend Nero Burning Rom or Alcohol 120%)

3. Create at least 6GB unallocated space on your harddisk using Partition Magic:
Start partition Magic atau acronis disk director

>> Click on ‘Resize/Move Partition
>> Move the slider to make the partition smaller and hit OK
>> Click on ‘Apply’
>> Close Partition Magic

4. Click ‘START > Run…’ and type ‘diskpart’ (without quotes)

5. Type in (press enter after you typed in a line):

list disk
select disk [the number of your disk]
create partition primary id=af
list partition
select partition [the number of your new osx partition]
active (if this doesn’t work, try ’set active’ without quotes)

6. Insert the OSX install disk and reboot your computer, follow the installation steps on your screen.

Don’t forget to choose ‘customize’ during the install and select the appropriate options.

7. After finishing the installation, OSX should boot up. Play with it for a few moments and then proceed to the next step.

8. Double click the update you downloaded (see requirement #5) and follow the steps on your screen. When it asks you to reboot, minimize the installer and go to the next step. Don’t reboot!

9. Go to the applications/utilities folder and open Disk Utility. Select your OSX partition and repair the permissions.

10. Exit Disk Utility and maximize the installers screen. Insert your Vista install disk and press reboot.

11. After booting the install disk, click repair system and press next. Open the command window and type ‘diskpart’. Then type:

list disk
select disk [the number of your disk]
list partition
select partition [the number of your windows partition]
active (if this doesn’t work, try ’set active’ without quotes)

12. Reboot into Windows Vista.

13. Copy chain0 to the root of the Vista partition (mostly C:/)

13. Press WIN+R and type ‘cmd’. And type:

bcdedit /copy {current} /d “Mac OS X”
bcdedit /enum active
bcdedit /set {ID OF YOUR OSX ENTRY} PATH \chain0

14. Now you can reboot your computer and you’ll see a nice dual boot menu!

terima kasih semoga bermanfaat

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